Satellite Comms

When new hams get their licenses, they generally purchase a handheld transceiver (HT) and get on the local repeaters. This is fun for a while, but don’t get stuck just talking on the repeaters.  Did you know that you can communicate with low earth orbit (LEO) satellites?

One of the cool things about working the FM satellites is that you don’t need a lot of sophisticated equipment. A couple of HTs, or an HT capable of duplex operation, or a base station radio and a handheld dual-band Yagi, as shown in the video below, will get the job done.

Communicating with the satellites can be more fun than just talking to the hams on the local repeaters, because you might make contact with another ham several states away. Working the satellites can be a lot more engaging and it’s sure to be a true test of your operating and technical skills.