Iowa 160 meter ARES net
1972.5 kHz (Sun 2130L)

Iowa ARES Digital Net (IDN)
3572.5 kHz +/- Olivia 8-500 (Tue 1900L)

Iowa Traffic and Emergency Net (ITEN)3970 kHz (Sundays @1730 local CST/1800 CDT. Note: times may vary depending on prevailing conditions)

Benton County ARES Net
145.230 MHz (T141.3) (Mon 1830L)

Black Hawk County ARES Net
146.94 MHz (T136.5) (Sun 2100L)

Boone County ARES Net
146.850 MHz (Sun 2000L)
443.900 MHz (Sun 2015L)

Central Iowa ARES Net (CIARES)
146.610 MHz (T114.8) (Sun 2000L}

Dallas County ARES Net (DC-ARES)
145.190 MHz (T114.8) (Mon 2000L)

Hamilton County ARES Net
147.015 MHz (T103.5) (Mon 1900L)

Harrison County ARES Net
145.300 MHZ (T136.5) (Sun 2000L)

Heartland Hams ARES Net
145.290 MHz (Mills County) (Sun 1900L)

Iowa Great Lakes ARES Net (IGLARK)
146.610 MHz (Tue 1900L)

Iowa Warn Net (IWARN)
147.255 MHz (Sun 2030L)

Johnson County ARES Net
145.150+ MHz (T192.8) (Sun 2030L)

Jones County ARES Net
145.390- MHz (T77.0) (Sun 2000L)

Linn County ARES Net
146.745- (T198.2) (Sun 1900L)

Muscatine/Cedar/Louisa ARES Net146.910- (T198.2) (Sun 2100) (simplex on 146.445 after)

Polk County ARES Net
146.940- MHz (T 114.8) (Thur 1900L)

Scott County ARES Net
146.880- (T77.0) (Thu 1900L, followed with a Simplex net on 146.475)

Southeast Iowa ARES Net (SEIA)
146.865 MHz (T100) (Third Monday 2015L)

Story County ARES Net (SCARC)
147.240 MHz (Sun 1900L)