Club Repeaters

Davenport Radio Amateur Club maintains three Yaesu DR-1 repeaters

The YAESU DR-1 is a digital/conventional FM dual mode repeater. Our repeaters are set up to provide continued use of conventional FM communication while integrating the use of digital communication functions through its unique AMS capability. Our repeaters require a 77.0 Hz PL tone for access and transmits the same tone out. The Davenport Radio Amateur Club understands that not everyone has the ability or desire to use this type of digital communication, but it is available for hams who are interested in WIRES-X and digital communications.

FrequencyCall SignLocationPL CodeNotes
146.700  -600khzW0BXRDavenport, IA77.07 PM Sunday Night Net
Hosted by KD0JNQ
146.880  -600khzW0BXREldridge, IA77.08 PM Sunday Night Net
Club Sponsored 
146.940  -600khzW0BXRDavenport, IAWIRES-X
EAST-IA-HAMS Room #43765
444.900 +5MhzKB9LOBBettendorf, IA100.070cm FM
KB9LOB Sponsored